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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Identifying Fat Hen

Last week I mentioned collecting some fat hen which I then used to make a quiche, to help with your identification of this particular farm 'weed' check out the picture above. Fat hen is closely related to the cultivated quinoa and those of you familiar with quinoa will recognise the similarities between the seeds of both plants. Although you will never see quite the yield of seeds on fat hen as it's cultivated cousin. While the seeds of fat hen are edible I more often use it as a green vegetable, and it can be prepared like spinach or kale. Fried in a bit of butter and seasoned with black pepper it's nice on it's own or as an ingredient in other meals and is quite a nice substitute for cabbage in stir fries or in green quiches instead of broccoli or spinach.

Keep an eye out for this plant around arable farm land, enjoy it.


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