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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Meadowsweet Root Beer

I've run the foragers diary series on my Bushcraft Education blog for a couple of years now and thought it was about time to dedicate a space entirely to foraged foods. This new blog will be a 'microblog' and wont feature the longer posts you can find on my other blog.

What I'll aim to post here are simple pictures and short updates on what foraged food I am finding or using, and I'll try and get posts up on a daily basis. This first one gives you the recipe for meadowsweet root beer which I cant get enough of at this time of year and meadowsweet will feature on here again shortly so that you can identify it yourselves and make use of it in your own adventures with wild food.  

We have sent these recipes out on postcards to those who have supported the Riddy Wood Project in the past and if wild food really interests you check out some of the courses we run in Riddy Wood. 

I hope you enjoy sharing my adventures in wild food and go and have some yourself. 


If you are interested in wild food, foraging and bushcraft in general, click here to book a place on a course NOW. 

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