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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Comfrey Fritters

Comfrey is a fairly common plant in the UK and is regularly used by organic gardeners as a fertiliser, it has been used in traditional medicine and I enjoy turning it into delicious fritters. There is some debate over the safety of ingesting comfrey, or certain types of it due to some toxins it contains and for that reason I stick to using common comfrey rather than any of it's cultivars and just eat the leaves rather than the roots.  
Common Comfrey has white flowers, it can also have pale pink or lilac coloured flowers but if you stick to the ones that are white you wont mistake it for it's 'domestic' cousins such as Russian comfrey. 
It's these leaves that your after, you will notice that they are fleshy and thick but as with all wild food go for the younger ones. 
My daughter Lillie helped me collect some recently. 

And the delicious end product; I just deep fry the leaves after dipping them into what is basically a pancake batter, try it I guarantee you'll enjoy them. 

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