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Friday, 12 August 2016

Front Garden

My front garden is tiny, and fairly untidy, we have only planted one plant in it since moving in almost three years ago but there is an abundance of edible plants there anyway, today I'll introduce you to them; 

Sow Thistle; edible roots, stems and leaves (picked when young and tender and be careful of the spines) use the leaves as a green vegetable like spinach or mixed with other leaves in a salad or used as a wild pesto, they do get fairly bitter as they get older and tougher though. 
Stinging nettle; A great source of vitamin C, can be wilted over a fire and eaten almost raw as part of a salad, fried until crispy and eaten like seaweed, turned into soups, teas and the stems are great for making string (I'll post a few other things in the coming weeks about the non-edible aspects of foraging).
Procumbent yellow-sorrel or creeping woodsorrel, a tangy wild edible which can be used as an ingredient in salads or even used in deserts, it tastes like apple peel. 
Pineapple weed; can be used to flavour drinks or even candied.
Mint; although this was clearly planted in the garden by someone before we moved in mint and it's relations do often turn up in the wild. 
Fuscia; this is the one thing we planted in the front garden and is often overlooked as an edible but after the flowers it does produce these edible berries;  

Well I hope you've enjoyed the short tour of my edible front garden and it's given you a few ideas of the kind of things you might find in your own garden. 


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  1. I once made nettle gnocci but then decided I didn't much like gnocchi!