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Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Our normal experience of horseradish might be in a small jar from a shop to be spread on our roast beef on a Sunday afternoon, but horseradish is a actually easily, readily and freely available but most roadsides in the UK. 

The horseradish plant produces these tall leaves, but it's the root you are after. 
A horseradish leaf and a 20 pence piece for scale, the serrated leaf edges are another clue to help you ID this species and if you need a final clue it smells like horseradish (no kidding). There have been cases (mainly in crime and medical dramas) of confusion between horseradish and hemlock but just compare the foliage from the picture above and the one below to see if you would make that same mistake (additionally horseradish smells of horseradish and hemlock smells of urine)
Hemlock stems are long and smooth with purple spots with carrot like leaves, whereas the horseradish has leaves coming strait from the ground. 

A horeradish root
cleaned, peeled and grated horseradish root
Rather than making horseradish sauce with this batch of foraged horseradish I made horseradish stuffing to go with this Sundays dinner. 

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