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Monday, 26 February 2018

Game Broth to Combat The Beast From The East

'The Beast From The East' sounds like something you'd have heard in a cold war era public service announcement but no the cold weather is setting in and a warm broth seemed to be a good line of defence. A couple of goose, duck and pheasant thighs from the freezer, some diced peppers, swede, leeks, some frozen birch boletes and dryads saddle from last years mushroom foraging, pearl barley, red lentils, salt and pepper all done in the slow cooker will feed the whole family for a day or two. I'll toss in some extra ingredients tomorrow for variety maybe a celeriac and some dumplings.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

And a partridge in a... PIE

Well the last partridges of the season didn't stay in the freezer long. Six partridge breasts, a pound and a half of sausage meat, a large onion, half a pint of gravy and some puff pastry made a lovely sausage and partridge pie for dinner today.